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Creating a Model Railway for Exhibition, ISBN 978-0-9933478-0-1, Frederick’s first book, presents processes and procedures as memory maps.

The approach taken by the author is to capture the processes and procedures associated with the creation of a model railway for exhibition as memory maps. Each circle in a map represents a ‘trigger’, that is an event that sets a course of action in motion. The book is structured such that each chapter is a branch of the memory map addressing each trigger in turn. Although the book is entitled ‘Creating a Model Railway for Exhibition’ it fully encompasses the processes and procedures that could be followed when creating any model railway.


Little Bird loves to fly in the sky as high as he can go. However, one morning he gets caught by a giant gust of wind that blows him into outer space, so far so that he is blown out of sight of Earth.

This story tells of Little Bird’s journey through the Solar System and his encounter with the planets as he tries to find his way back to Earth.

Little Bird and the Planets was written and illustrated by Cristina Alegria-Williams.

Example of a memory map presented in Frederick’s first book

Both of the above books feature Frederick’s Model A Cornish Railway. See ‘About Us’ for more information relating to this layout.

About Us

About Us


Frederick’s second book Modelling a Cornish Railway, ISBN 978-0-9933478-2-5, describes how the process and procedures from his first book were implemented to create a model railway. The book includes researching, designing, building, testing, transporting, displaying, operating and maintaining a model railway.